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Prosphere in VNX shop

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone in a smaller shop with only clariion/vnx arrays have found Prosphere of much use?

It seems very generic in terms of the dashboards and there are no canned reports out the box. I've found the MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper VNX M&R to be an upgrade from Unisphere Analyzer, both of which provide more insight than Prosphere can it seems.

Prosphere was purchased to help monitor the entire stack, from the server end to array, but in our environment the servers are all behind NPIV connections which are STILL not supported.

I'm just wondering if anyone has found value with the product in a smaller shop? Is this a learning curve issue?


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Re: Prosphere in VNX shop

I think the lack of NPIV support will be the greatest detractor to getting real value from Prosphere.  We have VMAX, older CX-3 and NS-series Celerra and plenty of VMware on older ESX hosts.  Our newer ESX hosts are on blade chassis, so I'm starting to see less and less value in ProSphere as hosts "disappear" onto the new chassis.  So, for our older arrays, ProSphere is really only useful for consolidated monitoring and not much else.

But for now, VNX M&R sounds like it's providing the features and functionality you need.  If you can, I'd try and get a credit from your sales team and try and get out from under ProSphere for now.  When NPIV comes in the future, it will probably be of better use. 

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Re: Prosphere in VNX shop

NPIV is supported with later versions of ProSphere. Though, it is not supported in  interop config, which i believe is the default.

VNX M&R does have more VNX reports, so that may be a better option.

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