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Retrieving Physical Disk Information in ProSphere

Is it possible to retrieve physical disk information from our clarion-480 and clarion-120 using ProSphere? Currently I am using Storage Scope to achieve this. I am looking for a list of each individual disk and its Disk Name, Disk Capacity, Disk Serial, Disk Technology, and Array Model.

Thanks for the help!


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Re: Retrieving Physical Disk Information in ProSphere

Hi Nick,

From looking at the User interface its not currently possible to get the required report within ProSphere for Individual Physical Disks on an Array.

If information is not populated in the User interface it may still be within the ProSphere database and pulled out of it using RESTAPI details found here https://support.emc.com/products/15995_ProSphere/Documentation/

This online help describes the RESTful interface that supports programmers accessing data managed by ProSphere. The REST API allows programmers to extract ProSphere topology, performance, capacity, service level/tier, configuration service, alert, software update, and log management data for integration into their storage environments.



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Re: Retrieving Physical Disk Information in ProSphere

I think that is what he was asking. Hes been trying to work with the REST API but has not found an option to export this data.

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