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Unable to log onto prosphere UI


Today I have installed the Prosphere on my vsphere cluster with 1 collector engines installed aswell.

I have followed every steps in the depolyment guide however I am unable to connect to the UI.

I can certainly ping the IP addresses I have assigned to the infrasturcture.

When I open the UI either on  IE and Chrome, I am unable to connect to the UI.
I use the IP and the browser did replied back with the server name i assigned to it

below is the msg replied back from chrome

This webpage is not available

The webpage at https://mtb-ps-app.localdomain/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Error 111 (net::ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED): Unknown error.


TLS 1.0 is enabled on IE

The network team told me that the IP range that I have assigned to the Proshpere infrastructure is in open management vlan.My storage arrays sits on the same vlan and i have no issue connecting to it

Please assist


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Re: Unable to log onto prosphere UI

Hi Andy,

Was this a fresh deployment of or an upgrade from a previous version?

If this was a fresh deployment the above issue can occur if information was missed typed during installation or if there is no DNS service configured. DNS is a requirement of ProSphere.

From vSphere client verified and confirm that all FQDNs & IP addresses of the ProSphere Vms etc.. are correct, ensure the  networking information such as DNS Servers and Search Domain for all ProSphere appliances VM is correct.

Putty into each VM as root user and ensure the details within the /etc/ovfEnv.xml file is correct for FQDN names of the VMs.

Please open an SR with Support for this issue as it may need to be looked at in more detail.


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