Unisphere for VMAX : How to extract data ..?

Hi everybody,

I have Unisphere for VMAX I'am using Unisphere for the performance analysis and i'm extracting some information with a scheduled xml export provided in the performance tab.

I would like to query or extract some information from the "SMC" part of Unisphere for Vmax (Information such as Microcode Level, capacity used/available...) ow is it possible to query or retrieve those information ???

i did not find any extract possibility...



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Re: Unisphere for VMAX : How to extract data ..?

Hi Stéphane

It may be best to move or repost the above to the SSG forum as from the EMC end this groups supports UniSphere for VMAX and they may not be looking at the ProSphere forum for UniSphere for VMAX questions




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