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Upgrading to Prosphere 2.0

After coming back from Vegas,

the first thing i wnated to do is, to upgrade to 2.0 of Prosphere,

due to fact that Celerra/VNXnow is supported.

The updated went smooth and after 2 reboots, my login banner prompts Prosphere 2.0.

Then i tried to discover my Celerra nas box.but without success.

The message displays "could not reach XMLAPI ..."

After diving into the Security Guide, i checked with the firewall guys and

they told me that port 80/443 is open.

On the CLI i could see that after starting a discovery job, the disco engine tries to reach the

SPs from the Celerra on port 7 (tcp echo request)

After opening this port as well, the discovery job runs smooth

This is just a hint for you, if you get stuck


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Re: Upgrading to Prosphere 2.0


I have created EMC Knowledgebase article emc326511 in order to document this issue.


Seamus Coffey

EMC Customer Services

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