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Where does the ProSphere performance data land in the SRM Suite?

So you have recently installed the Watch4net EMC ProSphere-SCA Solution Pack.  You logged into ProSphere and configured the SRM Suite Integration.  But where is your performance data visible in the solution pack?  If you have not configured the SRM Suite Integration correctly, you won't see the data at all.

Assuming everything has been configured correctly, you should be able to find your performance data under the Explore node of the EMC ProSphere-SCA Solution Pack.


However, if you are not collecting performance data in ProSphere, or you made a mistake configuring the SRM Suite Integration, you will see something like this instead.  No Performance Dashboard is visible.


The most common reason for the issue is that the data is simply being sent to the wrong host.  In ProSphere, if you navigate to Admin > System > Configure SRM Suite Integration, you can check where you are sending the ProSphere performance data.

To verify you have the correct host, launch Centralized Management in Watch4net, navigate to Logical Overview > Collecting and highlight the emc-prosphere Collector Manager to find the server where it is installed.

To confirm the port, from Centralized Management navigate to SolutionPacks > Storage > EMC ProSphere-SCA.   Click the pencil icon for the Data collection SolutionPackBlock.   The Listening port for ProSphere data is where you want the performance data sent, 52002 is the default.

If you have a look at the /var/log/pdc-server.log on the ProSphere Application virtual machine, you'll see the following message throughout the log if you have something wrong.

2013-08-29T09:54:35.982-0400 INFO [Thread-9011] com.emc.srm.SPDT.DataStream Attempting to connect to w4n.isus.emc.com/

2013-08-29T09:54:36.008-0400 ERROR [Thread-9011] com.emc.srm.SPDT.DataStream Failure to connect to w4n.isus.emc.com/ Retrying every 10 seconds.

Otherwise you'll find the following message if all is well.

2013-08-29T10:08:29.270-0400 INFO [Thread-9070] com.emc.srm.SPDT.DataStream Successfully established connection to w4n.isus.emc.com/

I hope this helps you find that missing performance data.

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