Dell Dock Errors

Ok so like many of you I am also having a problem with my Dell Dock.

A few days ago I started getting an error message(see image below)



And then when I tried to send the error report I got this message




So I figured that maybe if I uninstall the program and reinstall it,that it might work again. But then I ran into another problem....when I went to uninstall the Dell Dock program, it froze and no matter how long I waited it sat in that one spot.


Can you please help me? I really would like to have my dock back. Thank you for your time,


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Re: Dell Dock Errors

I had problems like this with dell dock not working, tried re-installing…that failed…did an un-install rebooted and then re-installed…that also, failed…did another un-install and then delete all references to Dell Dock on my system and in the Registry and rebooted…went to WWW.DELLDOCK.COM and downloaded the version for another Dell computer…then executed the downloaded version (DellDock16a_setup_ENG.exe)…That WORKED AND EVERYTHING SEEMS OK NOW! Believe the consistent failures were due to Registry problems with Dell Dock. Cause by WHO KNOWS?

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