Dell Inspiron 1318 Factory Settings

Hello all. I got a Dell Inspiron 1318 which recently malfunctioned and I had to reinstall the OS and the Dell Drivers and Utilities.  For the Drivers and Utilities, should I install everything that appears in "My System" or only the ones with the check marks before them.  In any case what I did was to install everything that appeared there. did I do it right?

My 2nd question is, I used to have this shortcut panel which appears on top of the screen and contains the shortcuts for VIDEO, MEDIA, RECYCLE BIN among others this was before the reinstallation of the OS and Device Drivers, can anyone tell me a layman step by step instruciton on how to put it back.

Or put simply, how do I have the factory settings back?  I am already used to that set up on my laptop's screen.  I can't even find the Dell Screen Savers/Wall papers that I can use where should I search for them.

Hope somebody out here can help me out.




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Re: Dell Inspiron 1318 Factory Settings

Hi jillmalcibar,

there is no way now u can do factory setings coz u have install the os by the dvd.

the application u are talking of is called as Dell Dock u have to install this application from the folowing link and run it on your system.


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