SyncUp has stopped working

Please excuse duplicate post.  I posted as a reply to another post and thought it might be better to start a new one.

I have my Inspiron since January.  A few weeks ago, I started getting a message window a few minutes after I started computer.  It stated SyncUp had stopped working and windows was looking for solution.  Then window would close.

I don't use SyncUp and I did a little research on it.  Several others having same issue.  Some advice was to uninstall SyncUp unless you used it.  So, yesterday I uninstalled it.  I thought I was only uninstalling SyncUp.  I guess I uninstalled Nero and now I can't open some files I have that were done in Nero.

Can I get the program back?  Can I get it without SyncUp?  Can it be downloaded from Dell website?  

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Re: SyncUp has stopped working

Hi jlsd,

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Nero cannot be restored or downloaded from the Dell website or from anywhere else, without the Syncup. Syncup is powered by Nero and comes as a combined package for a computer. I would recommend you to first download the Dell Nero Syncup program.

Please click the following link to download the program: dellsyncup.nero.com/.../download

After you have installed the program and if you still continue to encounter the error message “Nero has stopped working”, please capture the technical details of the error message. (Error message is accompanied with a link – read more). And please write back with the error detail. We will take it forward from there on.

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Re: SyncUp has stopped working

I installed Nero SyncUp from the My Dell Support Center PC Doctor included in Windows 8 64 bit XPS 8500 software package you included in the purchase.

When I go to open the program the hour glass keeps spinning eventually causing me to shut down program due to not responsive.

I reboot PC but this has no effect on program

How do I resolve this problem to get program to work?

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