What is OLK8, Why can't I find it.

When I save attachments in Outlook they often want to default to a folder called OLK8 which appears to be under temp internet files under local settings under...you get the idea.  Where is this folder and why can't I find it to retrieve the many files that end up getting stuffed there. 

What is this stupid folder, even the Microsoft dog can't find it. 

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Re: What is OLK8, Why can't I find it.

Yes, OLK8 is a (super) hidden folder in your temporary internet folder. I can't find a way of accessing that folder directly, but this is a work around. For example if you open an attachment that is a word document, and click file/save as in Word, you'll see the box open at OLK8. Best to navigate to an accessible folder and save in there. Whilst at the save as box, you can of course access any other Word documents in the OLK8 folder, and use right click, move to or send to any other folder (they won't disappear from the list, but if you cancel, then go back to save as, you'll see thery've gone). If you click save on an attachment it is best to save to an accessible folder (e.g. in my documents).

I agree it is a major nuisance.

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Re: What is OLK8, Why can't I find it.

Thanks for the idea, but not working...

Since I was careful to de-select "OLK8" as destination folder for the last couple of saves the files seems to be defaulting to last saved location...problem is I still have a critical zipped folder sitting in "OLK8" where ever that is.

Email dell support is giving me the Microsoft run-around, and some "MVP" over on Microsoft community is dispensing bum info about "hidden" files.  A search of OLK8 on my machine and dell/microsoft KB's yield nothing.  And now with "hidden files" turned on searches have slowed badly. 

Don't see a radio button for "Turn on Super Secret Hidden files".  This one warrants a major pin in the head of my juju  Bill doll.  


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