tab selector (also called tab indicator) button

I don't have the tab selector button, also called the tab indicator button in microsoft word 2002.  The tab selector button is the small button located in the left hand corner between the horizontal ruler and vertical ruler.  I have talked with Dell twice tonight to see if I could get some help with no luck!  The last lady I talked with told me to contact microsoft but I can't do so without spending $35 because Dell holds an OEM lisence on my software.  I am trying to study for my microsoft certification at the end of the month.  I have ask word to fix and repair and when that didn't work I reinstalled word.  Again this did not work!  I really need help and I need it fast - can someone please tell me how to turn on the tab selector button? 

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Re: tab selector (also called tab indicator) button

The registry settings may be damaged. Click << here >> for info on fixing this.

Allan Bach

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