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Alienrespawn do Nothing and cannot Recovery my laptop

Hi I got m14x R1 Allienware laptop here. I wanted to fully wipe my data and re install my windows. I don't have any recovery disc. What I got is a laptop and a Alienrespawn application.

I just create my factory Image yesterday on a External HDD. Need at least 30,4 GB free to make a Factory Image. Then I used that image to recovery my laptop. It took a lot of times before it done this morning. But surprisingly I see nothing happen when I restart my laptop after the recovery done. My old files is there all my setting and system is there. I just wanted to back to the point where this laptop comes and I unboxed it.

I got Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

I saw many videos in youtube. But it's completly different alienrespawn than mine. From the backgroun, interface, etc. All is completely different. My Alienrespawn version is v,A00 I just download it from the official site yesterday because I didn't find my alienrespawn in this lapttop. Maybe it is accidentaly uninstalled long ago. It's been 4 years since I unboxed it and I never do backups, or create image.

Please help, Thank you.

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RE: Alienrespawn do Nothing and cannot Recovery my laptop

Usually the factory image is less than 8 GB so an 8-16 GB USB flash drive works fine. Given that yours is 30.4 GB and that Alienware Respawn wasn't initially installed... 

It seems like no factory partition was present so Alienware Respawn made a "pseudo factory image" of your system in its present state. i.e. you made a backup of your system in its present state and restored your system in its present state.

You can Download a Windows 10 TH2 .iso from Microsoft and use that to Clean Install:


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