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Buying Dell PC Tune Up? Creating conflict with McAfee, unable to fix, no support...

I have a Dell XPS 430 desktop PC with  Windows Vista 64 bit operating system. When completely shut off and re-boot causes "Dell PC Tune-up Registry Maintenance" to compress registry files (security hive, software hive, Sam hive, components hive, etc.), then automatically re-boots to reflect changes.  The end result is that disability McAfee Security Center and I have no protection.  Clicking "Fix" does not solve all of the issues nor does McAfee Virtual Technician; specifically "Spyware and potentially unwanted program scanning is disabled. This cannot be fixed because of an error".  The result is I have to uninstall/reinstall McAfee.  I have had to do this a dozen times. 

This is a DELL program and when I try to get support from DELL they want to charge for it. I feel that Dell Customer Service should be fixing my problem but our friends in India have no clue.  They are not intuitive.  If it's not in the book, they can't do it.  Also, Dell now wants to charge separately for hardware & software problems.  In this case, I find that ridiculous, since it is DELL that installed both of these 3rd party softwares.

I want stop Dell PC Tune Up registry Maintenance from doing registry compressing at start-up.

I have no idea why this Dell PC Tune-up Registry Maintenance now runs automatically on start-up as I have had this PC for 18 months and this feature only recently ran on re-boots. No new software was installed. The guys at Dell couldn't fix it. HELP!

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