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DataSafe: Problems, support (lack of), etc.

A. Has anyone actually confirmed that this service/software is really working? I mean has anyone actually accessed/shared files successfully? Is there an undocumented instruction on how to successfully do these simple tasks?

  1. It seems to be working - the installed application is uploading files to online backup (https://www.delldatasafe.com)
    • It seems to know which files need to be updated vs. those that haven't changed
  2. Now try to do these things on a separate machine (without the installed app)
    • Go to the web site https://www.delldatasafe.com
    • Access files
      • select the files you want (even 1 will do for this test)
      • click Next and create a 'session'
      • click Next and you're stuck with "The File Restore failed. Please try again."
      • the obvious question therefore is: Well, what good is a backup if you can't restore? Hence, does anyone really know if your data is "backed up"?
    • Share files
      • Go through the motions
      • Send email
        • No email is sent
        • Recently shared files = none
    • So now that we can't restore, can't share. What again is this service supposed to be doing? Has anyone successfully recovered files that "seem" to have been backed up online?

B. Datasafe website:

Certificate issues on Firefox (seems like a chain is missing). Doesn't occur on Safari/IE. I'm a technical person so I have the patience to try and figure it out. Others will not have same patience nor background  = why would anyone trust this if their browser says "this is a bad web site?"

C. DataSafe Support

Um, is there any? Or do I have to call my bank to dispute the charge (oh yes, I've seemed to have foolishly trusted this service) for someone to do something about support? Here's your "support experience"

  1. Contact Us leads you to main Dell Support
  2. Which is geared for hardware (always needs a Tag/Service #)
  3. You end up with support reps who do try to help, but aren't really geared for this service


One thing I have not tested: download and install the Datasafe app - maybe that will "solve" the restore issue? But at this point, I can't trust this software to even do what it is supposed to do......it's such a simple task...



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Re: DataSafe: Problems, support (lack of), etc.


Took the plunge and installed the desktop application and restored files that way instead of using the Web Portal.

Unresolved: Sharing

Even the application will point you to the Web Portal for this, and as described above, don't waste your time. It does not work.


Unofficial Reason: "Old" Web Portal

According to support personnel (see tel. # below), the Web Portal is "old" and needs to be upgraded to a "newer version" - can't say I disagree even if this is "anecdotal info".  Consider that:

  • It doesn't even tell you that you **must** install the desktop application just to get some semblance of a working solution/service
  • "Sharing Files" does not work, period
    • Even the desktop application will instruct you to go to the Web Portal for this
    • Well, as above, don't waste your time on "sharing files" using the web portal, it does not work.
  • As above, and I'll be more specific, certificate chaining (intermediate/wild cart certificate) issues on Firefox (Windows 7 x64 only, seems fine with XP, and no idea on Windows 7 32 bit).
  • No "dedicated support" for this paid service - what gives? That web site's links to support must not let customers (like me) go through a horrendous process just to obtain appropriate (software) support. 


Dear Dell:
No amount of press ink about Dell pushing into SAAS can save your brand if you don't provide proper Software As A Service. A poorly supported service like this doesn't bode well...

To the community:

I hope this helps you:

If you need support for Dell Datasafe, the number is: (866) 622-1947....don't ask how I got that number...it took me 6 tries/calls just to get that number. Be patient, you will not be able to speak with someone for about 10 minutes (hold). BUT, at least the reps will take the time to really dig into a solution for you.



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Re: DataSafe: Problems, support (lack of), etc.

Yet Another Weakness Of This Product:

No usable "synch" between 2 computers. Why is this a big issue?

  • Well if you see above, you can only really access files if you install the desktop application. 
  • So that means, you'll have to login with your existing account
  • If you try to "add' to your back up "image" selectively - meaning:
    • I don't really need all the files in my "Home PC" in my "Mobile PC"
    • I do have files in my "Mobile PC" that I want to backup (so that I can access it later in my "Home PC"
    • So you're thinking, "Ok, I'll just select some files in my Mobile PC to back up"
    • RESULT?
      a disastrous "overwrite" of your ENTIRE (previous) back up "image"!
      • You have just created a "new" back up image (based on your Mobile PC)
      • You basically "lost" EVERYTHING you backed up from your Home PC


Dear Dell -

If this is a product that you will continue to support/sell and put your stamp on, this has to be smarter than what it is.

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