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Dell DataSafe - life's too short!

I've been very disappointed with Dell DataSafe. The difficulty is that Dell DataSafe no longer recognises my user name. I was on the phone to Dell for over an hour, but in the end they gave up! Therefore I now have 45 gb of valuable data on their server, but if my hard drive fails I will be unable to download it via another computer. This, in my opinion, makes it useless. Will not be renewing in April, and regret the money I have spent on it so far. Incidentally, in the UK this numbers is a good way to make contact with Dell: 0844 338 1600. There's also an email address: UKI_DIS_BGL_Dimension4@Dell.com - not that customer support has been much help in my case.

Avoid like the plague!

I don't understand why Dell doesn't get this sorted.  Forums are full of complaints like mine.  Otherwise I've been very happy with my Dell laptop, but my problems with DataSafe would make me seriously consider not buying from them again.  Talk about spoiling the ship for a ha'porth of tar!