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Dell Datasafe - How Can I Recover Data to New System

I had a 6 year old Dimension 4700 desktop running Windows XP that was dying a slow death.  I managed to backup 66 GB onto my 100 GB Dell Datasafe subscription.  The 4700 is not more, but when I log onto my Dell Datasafe Online account it says the data is still there.  I now have a shiny new Inspiron 15R running Windows Home 7. 

When I try to access may data through Dell DataSafe Online with the Inspiron, I get all the way through choosing the files I want to download, but when I hit next, I get an error that IE cannot access the requested server.

When I try to share the data through DataSafe Online by e-mailing a link to myself or to others, DataSafe tells me the e-mail has been sent, but no e-mails are ever received.

How can I get my data?

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