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Dell Media Experience sample music

Hiya folks.

I have a pretty random question. Before you say anything, I've searched the forums and I've googled it too, but found nothing.

I bought my Dell Dimension 5000 about a year ago, and love it. It came with Dell Media Experience. Of the sample content that came with that, I found a couple of songs by an artist known as "Sean Penn". The songs were "Heliograph" and "Interstellar", and the album was called "Edge of the universe".

I'm just wondering if this guy's even real (Google - the fountain of knowledge - suggests otherwise) and if there's anywhere I can buy this album.

Any help is appreciated; the songs are great and I'd love to hear his other stuff if there is any.

Cheers everyone,
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Re: Dell Media Experience sample music

I'm real! And not the actor. : ) I just released a new album (Redshift) and as a result came across this thread. Very honored that you like the songs. I've posted Heliograph and Interstellar here on SoundCloud.

I might release them onto iTunes/Amazon soon. Feel free to message me on Twitter @EOTUmusic. 



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