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Dell Mobile Connect Won't Open

What's amazing is that Dell Mobile Connect works without issue on my HP Laptop but has constantly given me problems on my Dell XPS Desktop. It connects to my GS8+ and runs in the background, but the actual Mobile Connect window won't stay open. You click to open it, it appears for a brief few seconds and then closes again, reverting back to running in the background only. I sill receive alerts through Mobile Connect but when I click them, the Mobile Connect window will open for a brief few seconds and disappear again. Through the settings, I've tried to terminate, repair, reset, and uninstall/reinstall and continually have the same problem. The FAQ and Mobile Connect Support are useless for my problem. Please help!!
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Re: Dell Mobile Connect Won't Open

Always include exact PC model and version of Windows in your posts. :Idea:

And note, according to the Dell Mobile Connect site: "PCs purchased before January 2018 are not supported."


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Re: Dell Mobile Connect Won't Open

I am also having this same exact issue, but with a new Samsung Galaxy S10e from T-Mobile and a Dell XPS 9560 with the Killer Wireless/Bluetooth combo card installed by Dell at time of purchase. All drivers are up to date via Windows updates and Dell's own software. Running Windows 10 Professional also pre-installed by Dell at time of purchase.

Phone also has it's latest firmware updates.

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