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Dell Support Centre


Can anyone advise how to prevent the Dell Support Centre from firing up at start up?  I've disabled it in the Windows Start up list, but next time I boot up something sets up a new, enabled occurence of the its entry in the Start Up list and up it runs. I don't want to completely uninstall it as I want to be able to choose to run it up when I want to.

The Support Centre automatic alert facility seems pretty useless as it sends me very few alerts and those it does send are irrelevant.  As far as I'm concerned it is just slows down my machine at start up and is a waste of resource as a resident program. 

My PC is a Dimension E520 running Vista Home Premium

Thanks in anticipation



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Re: Dell Support Centre

You might try one of the several programs that will disable start up applications.  Microsoft's Windows Defender has a Software Explorer tool that will allow selective disabling of programs.  CCleaner is another free utility that includes a review of start up applications and allows disabling.  Both are free, and have other great utility applications.

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Re: Dell Support Centre

My first post and a major problem; Dell Support Center. Monday morning I picked up my Dell Desktop Inspiron 530 from the local PC-Medic, $98 to fix. Now yesterday, Sep 22 I find that Dell Support Center somehow installed themselves on my PC, and it simply will not allow UNINSTALL.

This adds to me belief that the reason my PC ended up totally crashed, after weeks of slowly degenerating, originated via DSC. Of course I can't say that for sure, but all my problems began when I called just to see if they could help me find a Plug-In. They didn't do that and after searching I found a forum that explained where to get the proper one. While I was speaking to DSC I got transferred to a man and he gave me a hard sales pitch to buy an Virus Protector. That was the hardest sales pitch I've ever had. he just wouldn't let go. but, anyhow I did give them Remote Access to my PC, and weeks later I found that was left Open [checked].

Right now all I want is to get this removed. This morning I got the first sign of that slowly disintegration, and this is less than 24 hours after finding that DSC installed itself. The shame is that I'm so infuriated and a person who has only bought DELL PC's [my third] ever since I began using a PC. If DELL can't rectify this, then they've lost a customer, and a person who will never recommend DELL, in fact do the opposite. I hope someone reads this and can tell me what to do. Thank you. I don't know if my email shows but I'll give it if anyone needs it.

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