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Don't have MS Office disks


I got my XPS 8300 two years ago and the drive crashed (no recovery).

I'm reinstalling everything ok, but I don't have MS Office disks even though it came installed on my system. How can I get installation disks for MS Office?



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Re: Don't have MS Office disks

You can download Office from a Microsoft site. Search on whatever version you have. You will need your original Activation Code during the installation.

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Re: Don't have MS Office disks

You can get the installers from heidoc.net:


Where all the Digital River download links are listed but you need your MPI card, see this video:


Also see my Reinstallation Guide for instance with the clean installation:


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Re: Don't have MS Office disks

Hi Jgadell,

I think you had MS Office starter version on you PC. MS Office starter is a limited function version of MS office suite & has basic office functionalities like Word, Excel & PowerPoint. It comes with a new brand PC or Laptop. PC & laptop brand supplier is responsible for providing support of MS Office Starter. You can use it for forever because it is not trial version of MS Office suite.

How to re-install MS Office Starter: If you have uninstalled the MS Office starter from your control panel then you may still able to re-install it from MS Office program manager. 

Alternative: If you don't want to buy MS Office then there are some good alternatives available on the internet like Libre Office, Open Office..

Ref: See this link

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Re: Don't have MS Office disks

Hi, Mark,

I just purchased an Inspiron N7110 and have the Office starter version already installed.  When I try to use it, I am being asked for the Activation Code that I was not given.  I have checked all of the info provided with the laptop and there was nothing that referenced a code for this software.  Can you suggest how I might get it so I can use these programs?  Thanks in advance for your help!



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Re: Don't have MS Office disks

Hi Sherry,

As I have said earlier MS Office starter is a limited function of MS Office and comes with new brand machine. Microsoft does not provide support for MS Office starter so you can with machine supplier.

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