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Fast Access Facial Recognition Web login

I am having a hard time getting this software to work for web login. I have enabled the option in the software and in IE9 but to no avail. Assistance would be appreciated.

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Re: Fast Access Facial Recognition Web login

Hi Cornerstonecam,

Welcome to the Dell Community,

Thank you for posting on Dell Community Forum, the Facial Recognition will not work in IE if the “Add Ons” & “Extensions” are not enabled.

FastAccess interacts with browsers through what are called "Add Ons" or "Extensions".

Browsers have a privacy mode that disables all add-ons by default. If the FastAccess Add-On is disabled by a privacy mode or by any other means, the Web Login feature will stop working even if it's still enabled in the FastAccess management console.

Some browsers may allow you to manually re-enable extensions. Please see the browser documentation or help files for instruction on how to enable Add-Ons or Estensions.

The FastAccess AddOns and Estensions are:

  • Internet Explorer: "FAIESSO Helper Class", "SSOIE Add on BHO Class, or "Face recognition web login for FastAccess".
  • Firefox: "FastAccess Web Login".
  • Chrome: "FastAccess SSO".
    To enable an Add On in Internet Explorer 9.0:
  • Click on Tools and Manage Add-Ons.
  • Select a disabled add-on that you want to enable and click Enable.

 You Can also use the below mentioned link to follow the instructions and get more information about the use of Dell FastAccess Facial Recognition Software.


Please reply to the post if you have any further queries.

Thanks & Regards


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RE: Fast Access Facial Recognition Web login

I"m not able to find such add-ons or extensions both in Google Chrome and Firefox . Please reply asap.

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RE: Fast Access Facial Recognition Web login

If the FastAccess Add-on (in IE) or Extension (in Chrome) are not truly present then you'll need to re-install FastAccess itself. That's the only way they can be replaced. 

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