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FastAccess Face Recognition won't install


I've got a Dell Studio XPS 16 laptop, which came with Windows 7 Home Premium x86.
I didn't order a higher version of Windows because my employer can supply me with that.
So I re-installed my laptop with a legal version of Windows 7 Enterprise x64.
After the install with the Enterprise Edition of Windows 7 I'm not able to install FastAccess Face Recognition.
I've searched on the web for the proper version, but the only versions I can find are 2.4.7 and 2.4.95.

When I try to install either one of them, they both tell me that they can only be installed with a prior version already installed.
I've searched for a prior version, but came back empty-handed.

What can I do, so I will be able to use the face recognition???


With kind regards,

Remco den Elzen

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Re: FastAccess Face Recognition won't install

Yes, you will still be able to use FastAccess.

The copies of FastAccess that you download (of 2.4.7 and 2.4.95 - the most recent version released) are the publicly available "update only" copies. Because FastAccess is paid software and those copies are available to everyone, they are limited by only functioning on a machine with a previously existing, valid copy of FastAccess already installed (that needs to be brought up to date).

What you need is a full installer. There are two ways to get one. First, you may call Dell tech support and request that they send you a replacement installation CD. They should have no trouble doing this. If it's an older version then you can install it and use the "update only" installers that you already have to bring it up to date.

Second, you may register with your service tag at the website below. It's my understanding that this should show you a list of the softare that came with your PC and allow you to download authorized backup copies.


I hope this helps.

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RE: FastAccess Face Recognition won't install

It worked.. Thanks for the update...

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