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Lost Microsoft word key code and very slow computer

Hi Guys!

I am hoping someone could shed some light on Dell Laptop problems:

I recently had dell replaced my hard drive as it was faulty. I saved all my data and had some of my programs reinstalled expect Microsoft. I asked if Dell could reinstall Microsoft/ generate another key code or get Microsoft to do so; as My Hard drive was faulty due to a manufactures error and not mine.

Dell has responded -flatly NO.

Does anyone know if this is right? just feel annoyed that having paid for the system to be included on my laptop;  I am now having to buy it again- Suggestions please!

Also, since reinstalling all programs on  my laptop it is now even slower than before, does anyone know what could be causing this?

Thanks guys


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Re: Lost Microsoft word key code and very slow computer

Hi Teebzz,

The Microsoft office either comes as a complete version which you can purchase with the computer or separately. All you get is an MPI card with the activation code on it, if you have the MPI card you can re install a trial version of Microsoft office and activate it to the complete version using the code.
The other product is the Microsoft Office Starter which used to come free with the system, it does not have all the features and cannot be re installed once deleted as it was a free version and doesn't have any product key attached to it.

If you have purchased the complete version, please look for the MPI card, it is red in color with a 25 digit code on it. However, if you had the Microsoft Office Starter there is no way to re install it.

Regarding the issue with slow speed, as you have just replaced the hard drive this should not be an issue. Please check the system in the safe mode and see if it works better. If the system performance is good in the safe mode, it indicates that some software that you have installed is causing the issue. Also, make sure that you have installed only one antivirus on your system after replacing the hard drive.

To check in the safe mode:

  • Restart the system and tap on the F8 key on the Dell logo
  • Use the down arrow key on the keyboard and choose the option Safe mode and press enter.
  • Once the system boots up in safe mode. Check if the system performance is better.
  • To come out of the safe mode, restart the system.
Please reply for any further questions.

Thanks & Regards,
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