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MS Outlook permissions problem

I have Office Professional 2010 installed on a Latutude 13 running on Windows 7 32bit Professional bought about 8 months ago and it has been working fine. 

Recently an issue caused Outlook some problem which was eventually resolved by its own repair mechanism (I assume - I didn't do anything other than turn it on and off a few times!).  It now seems to be working fine again except that whenever I open it or try to use it I have to click an extra box to give myself administrative rights over the hard drive.  This only happens in Outlook (the rest of Office is fine). 

I have checked the permissions and indeed have now given all the users for the whole of Office full control rights (that is only me so not too much of a security problem) but still it requires me to click to give admin rights for Outlook.  I have tried to "repair" the installation from the master disk and it hasn't solved it.  Any ides please?



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