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Microsoft Office Activation

I purchased an XPS 8930 desktop for my wife in early November, 2018.    Besides the PC itself, I also purchased Office 2016.   The order details along with the packing slip both indicated "Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 DFO".    I vainly tried numerous times to activate Office without success...and yes, I set up a Microsoft account and did everything I found online to help.   I eventually called their help number and gave them remote access to the PC.  It turned out that Office 2016 was NOT installed on the PC, the files were NOT on the hard drive, and there was no evidence I had ever purchased it.   I had to scan and the Order details along with the packing slip and then gave Microsoft a copy.   They then acknowledged that I had paid for it, and authorized a download and installation of Office 2016, which completed fine and I was able to activate it.  However, it turned out that the installation includes a "product key" which is usually only issued when you buy Office directly from Microsoft.  

Bottom line...Dell needs to get it's act together and figure out how to get stuff they sell to work "out of the box".   In this case, it was only because I happen to be a bit computer savvy that made it work.  

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It is amazing that Dell has no idea about customer experience.  Dell products are great - but they force you to buy apple..  

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Copies of Office from as early as Office 2003 have Microsoft Product Identifier.  2007 is end of life.  2010 and 2013 still have disks.

How to order a replacement CD/DVD:

2016 and 2019 do not have physical disks and never will.


Media is no longer shippedMedia is no longer shipped

Office 2010 Web Apps - free - free Office WebApps


2010 Full Download

NOTE: if you do not have the installation file on an “official” MS installation disk, download and save it to your HD. Then you should burn it to one or more DVDs for future use. And at the same time, write down the product key on the DVD. You need both items for future installations, say after your computer crashes and you have re-installed windows. At that point you won’t be able to extract it from the registry and won’t remember where the online account is.

Note: If you buy an Online Download you have 30 days support from MS to get the download working

Note: if you buy an Online Download from MS or an authorized reseller, Digital River or a proxy linking to DR, the Product Key and download link are saved in an “Online Account” using on your e-mail address as the log in ID.  The Product key is only kept in the account for 5 years! <snip >

Office 2010 / 2007 Download locations - - US online Office Store - Download 2010 using Product Key card PKC - Download Backup Buy Backup disk 2010 using Product Key – FPP  - Download Office 2010 Installation Backup. You will need your original Product Key, such as one from a Product Key Card .
- This site is also used if you took advantage of the “
Office 2010 Technology Guarantee”, the free “upgrade” offer from 2007 to 2010 for people who bought Office 2007 in the months shortly before 2010 was released.  Although the program expired long ago, this site still provides you access to the product key you were issued and the online download you originally used. See the instructions on this :  - download/backup for Office 2010 - Download Office for Netbooks (H&S, H&B, PRO, Standalone Apps)

Direct downloads from Digital River of Trials (you need to have the Product Key already)   Office 2010 Home and Student x86 (English) - X17-75058 Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 English 32-bit (x86): Office H&S 2010 Click to Run.  Office 2010 Home and Student x64 (English) - X17-75161  Office 2010 Professional x86 (English) - X17-75058  Office 2010 Professional x64 (English) - X17-75161

Pro Plus  Office 2010 Professional Plus x86 (English) - X17-75238  Office 2010 Professional Plus x64 (English) - X17-75612 - Pro Plus Installation Disk - Office 2010 Super Handbook, $10, include instructions on how to activate Pro Plus using Activation Tool - If you have a valid Pro Plus Product Key

Office 2010 Installation file & Product Key backup FAQ




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