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Microsoft Works

This is apparently an incompatibility issue with the following:

After purchasing an XPS420 Dimension with a Vista OS I began reconstructing billing records for my company a little over two months ago.

Recently I attempted to copy and paste a bill from Works into the body of Outlook Express e-mail unsuccessfully.  Then I noticed that the entire billing files in Works had expanded greatly.  Every Bill had anywhere from 9-55 undeletable Blank pages, forcing me to again reconstruct these records, which I had just created.  Neither Microsoft nor Dell will attempt to resolve this problem as both are saying its the others problem.  However, for a fee they will ATTEMPT to solve the problem.  I am hoping that someone in the community has encountered this problem and knows a solution. 


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Re: Microsoft Works

I'm not sure I understand.

What is "reconstructing billing records"?



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Re: Microsoft Works

I'm surprised you are using Microsoft Works for a business.  It wasn't designed for that. 

You would be better off, if you don't want to buy Microsoft Office to download the free (but they take donations) Open Office Suite of Programs that are compatible with MS Office (the defacto industry standard for wordprocesing, spreadsheets and databases).  The suite of programs includes a spreadsheet program and a database program, along with a wordprocessor and presentation program.

Also, if you have Vista, you don't have Outlook Express, it's now Windows Mail.

Dell's software support, unless you purchase some type of extended SOFTWARE support package is very limited and that's why they want you to pay.  In addition, since the Works program you have is an OEM version, Microsoft will not support it free. 


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