Microsoft automatic updates working but not installing automatically

Hi, I have Dell XPS with Windows 7. The automatic updates are showing updates, but I have to install them manually. I have set for automatic installation but it is not working. If anyone have the solution please reply. Another issue is with the Screensavers, they are not being activated. Please reply.

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Re: Microsoft automatic updates working but not installing automatically

If you have Windows Updates set for automatic download and installation the computer must be powered on and not in hibernation or sleep mode.  The updater also generally waits for the computer to be idle before attempting to download and install the update files.  I have my desktop set to turn off the display after twenty minutes or so, but the computer itself is set to run continuously.  In this configuration my updates get downloaded with no problem.

If you are talking about a laptop, automatic updates are usually not very practical.  My laptop is not on for a long enough time to allow the download and installation.  I therefore set the updater to notify me when they are available and I perform a manual download and installation.

With regard to screensavers, I am afraid I don't understand your problem.  A screensaver is generally selected via the display properties window; you must select the type of screensaver you want, and the amount of time you wish for the delay after the computer becomes idle.  If you have a special screensaver you have purchased or downloaded you may find that you have a special feature added to your programs list to set up  the screensaver.  This feature would ask for the same parameters you would find in the display properties box; which screensaver pattern and how much time you want to pass before the screensaver takes over the screen.

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