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Need Roxio 10.3 download for reinstall

Roxio 10.3 came pre-installed on a new Dell XPS (Windows 7 64 bit) pc.  I need to re-install the software but I can't find the CD (or maybe the CD didn't actually come with the shipment).

How can I download the Roxio software again so I can reinstall it?

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Re: Need Roxio 10.3 download for reinstall


Newer systems come with the disk maker (datasafe) on your desktop. This program instructs you to make the media that is shipped on your system. Windows, Drivers and Applications should be made with the disk maker. If you did not make the disk you may want to do this if the option is available on your system.

If your system shipped with the disk and you did not receive the Roxio Disk you can click the link below to request replacement disk from Dell.

Request Backup Disk Form

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Re: Need Roxio 10.3 download for reinstall

Jessie L,

I have the 3 disks that shipped with my Precision 4600, but they did not have the Roxio software on it.  If I request the disk from Dell, will that software come on it?



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