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Office 2010 Starter OEM reinstal

I bought a new DELL, there was Office 2010 Starter OEM pre-instaled. First thing I did was reinstalling the computer, however then I found out that the Office 2010 Starter software is not part of any DVD given to me with the computer.


Where can I get Office 2010 Starter that was installed on the laptop?


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Mary G
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Re: Office 2010 Starter OEM reinstal

That's not the only program you lost by reinstalling the OS. Reinstalling is not necessary nowadays. All you had to do was use Add/remove programs to uninstall anything you didn't want. The only way to get it back is to do a return to factory settings. Look up Recovery Options in Help for directions. That will  work if you did not reformat your hard drive. Starter edition of Office is only available to manufacturers. It is a very limited program with crippled versions of a spread sheet and a word processor that encourages you to buy the upgrade to the full version of Office. Read about it here.

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Re: Office 2010 Starter OEM reinstal

You may get it here.

You may get other preinstalled software in My Dell Downloads (use 32 bit IE and save to an external hard drive as only lets you download 3 times).

Also Dell Webcam Centre and Dell Support Centre

You should have everything you have lost.

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