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PC Checkup appearance has changed

Recently, the PC Checkup layout on my system hs changed in appearance.

Originally the icon was a bag with a spanner, now it's a plain blue circle with a spanner.

The look of the program itself has also changed and become bland.


I've tried uninstalling and then reinstalling but it doesn't look as lively as it once was.


Hopefully someone can assist.

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Re: PC Checkup appearance has changed

Hi Jamie,

You needn’t worry about it as there has been an update for DSC/ PC Checkup as a result of which the look and the feel of the application has changed. The Dell Support Center from now on is called as My Dell.

I am sending you a friend request and once you receive it, please click on my name highlighted in blue. On the next page, click the envelope icon and feel free to reply in private message. I will keep you updated about the same in the message.

Thanks and Regards
Deepa R

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Re: PC Checkup appearance has changed

The appearance has changed because Dell has automatically updated the Dell Suport Center and PC Checkup software.

I have an issue with this new software that was installed on my PC today, it is showing me under Checkup, then System History that I had added 2 programs and had removed 62 programs today which is blatantly false since I just started using my computer for the day just a little while ago and have not removed or installed any programs today (or in a very long time), the only program being added today being PC Checkup, part of the new Dell Support Center software (I let it automatically update).

MAJOR GLITCH in new PC Checkup Software?

I did a system reboot but the alert remains that way. It is also showing hardware changed and removed

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