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Pore Is Me: Spelling/Grammer Check Disappears...........

I'm working on this 50 page document.  For the first 39 or so pages, it's underlining my grammar and mispelled words and life is great.  But from about pages 40 until the end of this document (which is a work in progress until finals), it's not underlining grammar or spelling.
Trying to Fix It:
When I go up to Options:
1)  The box that says, "check spelling" is marked (But it's not doing anything in the document from page 39 and up.)
2)  The entire section for the checking the grammar is gray (Won't allow me to check anything/modify the grammar-checking system in Options.)
3)  Interestingly, when I go to this same options box while my curose is in the first 39 pages, I can modify whatever I wish (both spelling and grammar).
Trying to Figure It Out:
So then I inentionally mispell words (which it does not underline).  I highlight them and click the "ABC" in the toolbar. 
1)  An error message appears that says can't access the grammar (despite the fact I hit the "spelling" check), followed immediately by an error message that says can't access the spelling.
Does It Matter:
1)  I am using Microsoft Word in Worksuite (2007) for this Inspiron E-1705.  
2)  I am using an outline form I created. (But if it is the outline form that is causing some sort of problem, why is this spelling/grammar fiasco not occuring earlier in the document where I still have the outline form?)
I used to love Word.  Now I'm really starting to hate it.  Any suggestions anyone may have would be GREATLY appreciated.
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