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Removing Cyberlink Power DVD Software


New Dell T3400 XP. Came with Cyberlink PowerDVD software. Want to uninstall and go to an earlier version of PowerDVD that does not have the clunky interface of the latest Dell OEM. This also will not play some DVDs that run happily on an earlier version of PowerDVD. It is not listed in the Windows Add/Remove Programs. It does not have a recognizeable uninstall in its directory. There is no uninstall on the restore disk. Windows install cleanup does not recognize it. The earlier version will install, but will not run while the OEM is present. Hiding the Program files directory by renaming it does not fool the system. How can I get rid of this beast, OR what is a good alturnative that will run hapily beside PowerDVD?

Is the this new PowerDVD RIAA compliant? One disk (Cheapo WalMart $2 special) would not run on the T3400 would run on another system after I verified that it was coded for North American play.

Thanks  Ray

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Re: Removing Cyberlink Power DVD Software

A good free uninstall program that I use regularly is revo, it's better than the windows uninstall. www.revouninstaller.com/ 

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