Replacement for DigitalPersona biometric software?

I have a Vostro 3550 that I bought in November. I learned to use the fingerprint reader and love it. I don't have to enter passwords! BUT, DigitalPersona discontinued support for the software and completely stepped out of the consumer market. They announced it in March, 2011:

"Thank you for contacting DigitalPersona. There will be no update releases for DigitalPersona Personal in the future. There will be no updates for Firefox 4 nor Internet Explorer 9. IF they work they work, if they do not work with DPPersonal, then you will have to decide to either keep DPPersonal and forgo Firefox 4 or IE 9, or vice versa. DigitalPersona is leaving the consumer market and is focusing on business applications. In fact, DigitalPersona Personal will not longer be supported after Mid-April of this year. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Sincerely, Tech Team"

This obviously sucks on many levels (i.e., why did Dell sell me software they knew was discontinued and didn't tell me?). However, I now have the problem that the fingerprint reader doesn't work with FireFox (I'm using FireFox 12) and the future is bleak for the fingerprint reader on my new laptop when Windows 8, an IE upgrade, etc. comes out.

I may have found possible replacements in RoboForm or Softex OmniPass but I haven't tried either yet. Has anyone else tried them or know of an alternative?

Specifically, I'm looking for a consumer software application that works with the Validity Sensors, Inc. reader. Validity Sensors lists applications that work with their readers as Acer Bio Protection, Bioscrypt Verisoft (may be a candidate but questionable download from HP), Cogent BioTrust (not consumer), DigitalPersona Personal (not!), and Softex OmniPass for Windows 7.

I hesitate to uninstall the DigitalPersona software because I've seen so many people on the net complaining that they can't download nor install it without major problems.

If anyone from Dell or any other users out there have any suggestions, advice, etc. please let me know.

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Re: Replacement for DigitalPersona biometric software?

I have a similar issue.  My company just purchased 3 of the Vostro 3555's and all have the fingerprinting software/devices.  Our internet explorer 9 keeps crashing on them.  After researching on the internet, by process of elimination I found the software was incompatible with IE9.  When I remove the software, IE9 works great.  Add it back and IE9 will crash after every page change and then reload. 


Why would Dell sell our company three laptops that have this known issue.  We are contemplating send them all back under warranty.

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RE: Replacement for DigitalPersona biometric software?

I was able to have DigitalPersona work with Windows 8 and IE10 (Using v6.2.1.309a).  Now, with Windows 8.1 and IE11, it doesn't work anymore.  It works when I open a session, but thats it.

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RE: Replacement for DigitalPersona biometric software?

Same scenario here with Dell Vostro 3360:

Using DigitalPersona

Worked fine with Windows 8, however under Windows 8.1 - 'The fingerprint reader is not connected. Connect the reader.'

It was also problematic getting the Biometric reader recognised in Device manager.

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