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Roxio Creator Starter cannot update, missing RCPROD.MSI

When trying to run the Roxio Creator Starter that came preinstalled on my relatively new Dell Studio XPS 9100, it wants to update itself, but cannot find file RCPROD.MSI.  This file is not on any of the HDDs and I cannot find this install capability on any of the Dell CDs. 

Roxio says "If you do not have your installer, you can reinstall Roxio Creator Starter through your system’s software recovery manager application."

I don't know if this so-called recovery manager application is available, any ideas?  Otherwise, does anyone know how to get the install files for this program?  I'm starting to get the impression that this software is deliberately crippled so that I will be forced to buy a standard version.

Thank you

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Re: Roxio Creator Starter cannot update, missing RCPROD.MSI

The Dell PC Restore "recovery" is accessed by F8 at POST (Power on Self Test) and it will allow you to restore the PC to the original factory condition.  The Dell downloads usually have all the programs  - access the downloads by your service tag number at   www.support.dell.com

But, if the Starter edition works OK, except for the updating, I would consider the program as working OK.  I personally gave up on Roxio about 5 years ago because of continual program bugs and now use Nero.

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