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Sonic / Roxio Software

Not sure if this is the correct area to post this...

My Sonic / Roxio Software became corrupted, and my daughter mistakenly removed the software. I want to re-install it (My DVD & RecordNow). I have the Reinstallation DVD that shipped with the laptop (Inspiron E1505). I do not want to completely rebuild the harddrive. Can anyone tell me how I can re-install this software. It has proven to be quite the thorn in my side. Any help / suggestions appreciated! Thanks

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Re: Sonic / Roxio Software

It is not on the reinstall the operating system disk. It's on a separate Utilities and Drivers disk or on a separate Roxio disk. Go through all your disks that came with the computer. The reinstallation disk contains just Windows. If you need another set of disks, request them here.

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Re: Sonic / Roxio Software

That may be a blessing in disguise.  Roxio (owned by Sonic) has a history of  being troublesome over the years.  I used it for years and finally gave up because of varied problems and started using Nero for CD/DVD burning.  Nero also has a DVD player program but you really don't need that as Windows Media Player will play DVD's.  There is also some audio CD burning built into Windows Media Player too. If you don't have Windows Media Player 11, download that from Microsoft. 

I think you can download a trial version of Nero.

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Re: Sonic / Roxio Software

I had errors in my Sonic DVD and I tried to repair it and had to have a CD but it was installed by Dell. I can't even take it out with out the CD. I later tried to update and downloaded Roxio with cineplayer. I can't even make a DVD. I had brand new archive DVD gold and it didn't recognise the DVD. I did use a DL CD+R and got one made but after that I couldn't do anything. I have Dell tune up and everything is always working proper. I'm thinking of taking Roxio off now.  I liked my Dell Dim 8400 until I found out how the installed hardware has no way of fixing things that go wrong. 

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