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System Mechanic

I was persuaded to buy System Mechanic for my laptop by a Dell tech.  It works fine but turns out to be a headache to use with my Firefox browser.  I’d asked about this specifically and was told it posed no compatibility problem.  Turns out forums all over the web have noted this compatibility problem.

I wish I’d been answered with more candor, but here I am.  Any solutions you can recommend?  Please don’t suggest going back to IE, which I LOATHE.


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Re: System Mechanic

Although you were persuaded to buy this by a Dell tech, it's not a problem with the Operating System or the PC hardware.  To be truthful I don't recommend Registry "repairers" or whatever name they want to call them to my clients as they can cause more problems than they claim to fix (many are really "snake oil").

We are users helping users on here, not Dell employees and can't do anything about your purchase.  The only "fix" I see is for System Mechanic to make their product fully compatible with the browser you want to use (or discontinue using the product and bite the bullet on the product cost).


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Re: System Mechanic

Try Google Chrome

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Re: System Mechanic

Sorry to hear about your problems with System Mechanic and Firefox. There are free utilities that do the same (or better) than System Mechanic and do not have compatibility issues with Mozilla Firefox. I do not recommend registry cleaners. They can do more harm than good and render a system inoperable if a mistake is made. If I were you, I would uninstall System Mechanic.

I would suggest trying CCleaner. It's free and does a good job. http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds

** Select to download the SLIM version. I've been using it for years, and have never had a problem with Firefox conflicts.

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Re: System Mechanic

I suggest people stay clear of System Mechanic. On 19th Dec 2011 I ran System Mechanic Professional which I have used for many years for virus protection and to tune-up Windows XP Service Pack 3.

System Mechanic went to it's website to load updates and installed them. I gather it was an update to Version 10.7.6.

After running the suggested fixes which required a reboot Windows XP could not get past the screen that appears before User is selected.

After many tries to fix the problem including chkdsk and a repair of XP, I had to revert to my most recent backup, which happened to be a disk clone.

The same thing happened TWO more times when I ran System Mechanic after reverting to my backup installation.

Because the problem was obviously related to System Mechanic I sent an URGENT request for help to Iolo on 19 December clearly stating that XP would not start. Today, 28 December, 9 days later, I get an inane support response suggesting I run 'Safety Net' that is an option on the System Mechanic start-up screen. The fact that I could not even run Windows XP seemed to have been ignored by their incompetent support technician called Mark S.

So in summary - dodgy software and updates - abysmal response time - totally incompetent support staff.

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Re: System Mechanic

Days later and I still have no response from them about their inane technical support response! Hoping they had solved the problem with new updates to SM I made a new clone and then tried again before spending time finding a good alternative utilities suite (any recommendations?). This time as the recommended fixes were applied I saw all the graphic icons on my desktop and quick launch change to what I assume is an XP default and then upon rebooting as required by System Mechanic I found the same problem occurred - that is XP would not load the User selection page and froze.

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