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Unable to Remove Fast Access

I have been trying to remove Fast Access for as long as I have had my laptop (Inspiron 15/3000 series upgraded from 8.1 to 10 last year).  I uninstalled it long ago but it still comes up on my start up screen.  It's NOT in my list of programs to be able to uninstall now so it "appears" as if it's gone but it is still there on the start up screen.  Therefore, all the instructions on how to Unistall and Unistall the Config files are invalid if there is no Fast Access to click on the Program Files.  

I can find it under I have tried uninstalling Facial Recognition directly but it tells me I have to have the original Install Disc - as if any computer comes with such anymore.  I even followed previously found instructions to delete the "hidden" program file under Digital Delivery.  Fast Access STILL comes up on start up.  I also tried deleting the entire Sensible Solutions folder but get a message that it's open in another window.

Not only that, but I had gone in and CHANGED (not created a new one - changed) my Log On email but now, BOTH come up - however, the system always tells me the username or password are incorrect on the old one because it does not exist anywhere but on that start up screen.  I can click and log in to the correct one with no problems but can't delete that old one.

How do I manually unistall something I can't find?  I want all traces of Fast Access gone and for it to never return.

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RE: Unable to Remove Fast Access

In order stop the startup executable to run when you start windows, go to Start Menu >> Run and type “msconfig” [ without quotes ] and press enter. Now under the startup tab you should find the related item and make sure it is unchecked.

Have you tried the steps in this thread?


If it does not help, try this:guides.mightyuninstaller.com/MU_Download.php

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