Uninstalling the Virus: Fast-Access Facial Recognition

First off: Don't correct me. Fast-Access if a Virus if I've ever seen one. 

Moving on.


I have both uninstalled FastAccess from the Control Panel successfully as well as full on deleting every file I can find located in...

C:\ProgramData\Dell\Digital Delivery\Downloads\Software\FastAccess Facial Recognition

I have wiped every trace of this virus from my computer yet it still remains in Dell Digital Delivery. I am unable to do anything in this window other than install it. Which oddly enough already states that it is installed when I have uninstalled it. How exactly can one remove this from your Dell Computer, Windows 10 edition and never have to worry about it returning? Or is that not possible.

Dell. From company to company. We will never purchase from you again. 

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Re: Uninstalling the Virus: Fast-Access Facial Recognition

I too want to know how to uninstall Facial Recognition from my laptop!!!

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