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Vista 64-bit and iTunes Not Responding


I have a brand new Dell Studio 15 Laptop.  I downloaded and installed the 64-bit Vista version of iTunes.  There were no problems during the install but every time I open iTunes it just sits there in the "Not Responding" mode and I have to kill it with the Task Manager.  I have searched countless nights on the web and although it seems many people have this problem, I have found no solutions and am totally frustrated. 

iTunes runs perfectly on my old Dell Inspiron. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?  I have a feeling I'll never be able to get rid of my old laptop.

Thank You In Advance!

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Re: Vista 64-bit and iTunes Not Responding

Apple has finally given up on the microsoft installer and built their own. Go to to download the latest version 8.02 for Vista 64 bit systems. Good for them!

I cannot launch the 64 bit installer at all - don't know why and have asked both Microsoft and Dell. I even edited my registry as one Microsoft tech suggested but no luck. File checker does not scan the SysWOW64 folder where it is so it may be corrupt. Installshield wants like 50 bucks for their installer so I downloaded a couple of free ones and will see if they work. All my programs are installed as 32 bit in the Program Files (x86) folder and the 64 bit updates for MS Office will not run. I have also lost the ability to register or unregister files in the SysWOW64 folder. I think the hardware go a little ahead of the software here and it's driving me crazy.

Good luck!

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