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WHY did you install 32 bit Office on my 64 bit Alienware???

3 months ago I ordered an Alienware 14, and paid extra for Office Home and Small Biz 2013. Recently, I purchased Visio 2013 64 bit. Lo and behold, when I try and install it, it informs me that it cannot install because I have 32 bit Office installed. As I understand it, the license key for 32 bit will not work for 64 bit version, meaning I am stuck. WHY DID YOU DO THIS?

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RE: WHY did you install 32 bit Office on my 64 bit Alienware???

You may use the Visio 32 Bit installer from here: 


32 Bit is usually installed as standard even if Windows is 64 Bit despite the 64 Bit version performing better. Microsoft haven't put Home and Business 2013 on Digital River.

You can try this link to see if Microsoft give you the option to get the 64 Bit installer:


Personally I prefer Windows 7/Office 2010 as its much easier to download installation media.

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