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Warranty Details via Dell product support page - Dell digital delivery.

Why have my Warranty Details changed after I have contacted support. I have recently contacted Dell support regarding a faulty hard drive (January 27/2016). I was sent to out of warranty support because my warranty was out of date 2.5 weeks (January 10/2016). One day later I log onto Dells Product Support page and have noticed under Warranty details for your Inspiron 5547. The warranty date had been changed to July 13/2015 (one year since it was shipped to Best Buy) and that Dell Digital Delivery was no longer there (previously dated to 2022). Now I get that my laptop is out of warranty either way but, Do I not have access to the software that was purchased with the computer for the life of the product?

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RE: Warranty Details via Dell product support page - Dell digital delivery.

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Dell Digital Delivery Warranty and Licensing

The entitlement for the license (and download) is kept available for 8 years or 10 downloads, and is not related to the hardware warranty.

In the case of a system exchange, the entitlement for Dell Digital Delivery (DDD) is transferred to the new service tag.

When the customer downloads an application, a copy of the installer is kept on their hard drive. So, a reinstall only requires another download if the HDD is replaced, wiped, etc. A simple uninstall/reinstall/repair typically won't require a download.

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