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Win7 Documents

I have Win7 Pro on a Dell Vostro 200.  I'm using Office 2010.  When I go to my shortcut on the desktop to open an execl doc., it freezes up.  I have to go to taskmgr to end task.  I can open my documents and pull up a execl file and it does the same thing.  Now if I open execl by itself, and go to files, open and find the document, it will open.  Need help fixing the problem.

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Mary G
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Re: Win7 Documents

You can try right clicking on the excel doc and choosing Open with....and pick Excel as the default program. Then check Always use this program to open files like this. If that doesn't work, open Excel first and open the file. The shortcut to the file might be corrupted. Make a new one and delete the old, then check the properties to see if Excel is selected in the Open with box.

Edit: Office 2010 files are in a diff format than older office files. Make sure you save the files in the new format. Don't make shortcuts to a file made with an earlier version. And also--these are not windows documents. They are Office documents. All new computers now come with Office Starter Version--a limited edition with ads.That has starter versions of Word and Excel, nothing more.

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Re: Win7 Documents

I think even if the shortcut of the file corrupted, his computer should not freezes. This problem has another reason in my opinion. If the problem relates to shortcut, deleting the this shortcut and making a new shortcut should solve the problem.

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