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cyberlink media suite essentials

Hi. Just got a new Dell 3847 Desktop which comes with Cyberlink Media Suite Essentials. My question is that since I can't find it in the software downloads for my system (trying to back up all my new software in case I ever need to reinstall the OS), is it included with the downloadable Windows 10 image for my system (I've found the location of where to do that but am uncertain if this image includes the Cyberlink software also)?

Is there any way I can either download cyberlink media suite essentials separately or get a CD/DVD of the program?



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RE: cyberlink media suite essentials

How to use My Dell Downloads:


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RE: cyberlink media suite essentials

Nowadays all you need is a System Image to reinstall everything--windows and all programs. Find it in File History and store it on an external hard drive and make repair boot disks to access it when disaster strikes.

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