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permanent request to install update "SupportAssist-Betriebssystem-Wiederherstellungstools"

Hello, I use an XPS-15 9550 with Windows 10 (version 1607). Dell SupportAssist is installed. With every boot I get a pop-up that an update is ready for installation: "1 Update ist installationsbereit -Support Assist-Betriebssystem-Wiederherstellungstools".   Already a dozen times I accepted installation by clicking "jetzt installieren" and followed the installation procedure - "support Assist OS Recovery". Everytime I am congratulated "We have successfully installed the update". However, after the next booting the same story starts again.

When opening the DELL Support Assist and clicking on "update" I get the message that there is no update available for installation. 

Right now I have deactivated the DELL SupportAssist to get rid of the annoying pop-up. However, it would be nice to get a proper solution.

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RE: permanent request to install update "SupportAssist-Betriebssystem-Wiederherstellungstools"

Hello there, I got the same problem here... 😞

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RE: permanent request to install update "SupportAssist-Betriebssystem-Wiederherstellungstools"


I have the same problem. Startet around two or three weeks ago. I have updated all recommended updates, e.g. Dell update. System (Dell XPS 15 9550, Win 10 Pro engl) still requests to update the "SupportAssist-Betriebssystem-Wiederherstellungstool" (not "SupportAssist OS recovery tool").