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1610HD, not connecting with Precision 5510 Laptop

Tried to connect the Precision 5510 (Windows 10) with HDMI cable to Dell 1610 HD projector but neither device can see any signal. Tried the Fn+F8, lowered the display settings to 1920 x 1080 but the laptop does not detect the projector.

To make sure that the HDMI cable is not defective, we connected the Dell projector to an old desktop computer loaded with Windows 7 and it worked.

Is there another way to make the Precision 5510 laptop deect the Dell 1610 HD projector? SOS, as have another 4 days of presentations and am now relegated to a WHITE BOARD :(

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My apologies that you did not get a response and that you had to use the whiteboard. Did you ever find a fix for this issue? Did you try =

* Precision 5510 and 1610 HD projector are on
* Connect the HDMI cable to both
* Using the remote, open the 1610 HD OSD Main Menu
* Choose Input Select
* Choose HDMI
* Press the Precision 5510 Windows logo key + P
* Select the desired mode. (PC screen only, Duplicate, Extend and Second Screen only)

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