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5100MP VGA out port issues

We run a signal from one 5100mp to another 5100mp through the VGA out port. We have done this for a long time without issue. Now, there are a lot of tiny horizontal lines, and the color is off, eg.- the white is now pink on the screen. We have tried different VGA cables, so we know it's not the cables. If you have any thoughts please share them.

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Re: 5100MP VGA out port issues

Just to be clarify, the issue is with the projector that the is receiving the line out. The projector that is giving the line out, the picture is fine, the issue seems to be just with the vga out port itself.

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DELL-Nikhil D1
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Re: 5100MP VGA out port issues

Hi Runtime467,

Try changing the graphic card output signal, if graphic card output signal is sync on Green, and to change the display VGA at 60Hz signal, please go into OSD select Management, follow the below steps to change the signal type:

  1. Disconnect the VGA cable from the projector and turn on the projector.
  2. Select the “Menu” button and the image looks as follows:

  1. Select “Management” using the up and down arrow buttons, and press “Enter” the image looks as follows:


  1. Select “Signal Type” using the up and down arrows and “Enter” to select it.
  2. Select RGB from the options and Press “Enter” to confirm the selection item.
  3. Connect the VGA cable and check.

If the problem persists run the Self-diagnostic test for preliminary diagnostic on image color problem.

Follow the below mentioned steps:

  • After turning on the projector, press "+" and "-" buttons on the control panel simultaneously for 3 seconds and release the buttons when screen goes blank.
  • Press "+" and "-" buttons again to exit the diagnostic mode.
  • While in Self-diagnostic mode, the screen will run a seven-color-cycle test as following: Red--> Green--> Blue--> White--> Watched Blue--> Dark Green--> Yellow. Ensure that the colors of the test pattern are correct.

Please reply for further help.

Thanks & Regards,
Nikhil D

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