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Best Bang for buck projector

I need to buy 4 x projectors to use in some small conference rooms. Nothing really nice, just needs to work well.


Any thoughts on the  Dell 1210S, Dell 1410X or Dell 1510X?

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Re: Best Bang for buck projector

I would not buy the Dell 1410X projector!  We have purchased over 40 of them in the past two years at my school and 18 of those have gone out in less than a year and we are not overly using them. They overheat  VERY quickly and shut off as a safety precaution. That is not conducive to teaching children. One teacher even puts her coffee mug near the projector and with the extreme amount of heat (within only a matter of minutes), it keeps her coffee warm. Also, speckles of what looks like snow (probably dust) on the interior lens has damaged the view on many of them. It just gets worse until you can't see anything. Several have gotten horizontal lines across the screen within only months of using them.

We have returned many of the projectors to be fixed, but now our warranty has run out and wouldn't you know it 5 more died the same month right after warranty was up. According to our IT department, Dell wants to charge an outrageous amount of money just to look at it--something like $250 (not totally sure) plus charge for any parts it would need replacing. That puts you close to the price of a new projector! And money we don't have to purchase them! 

For a school who has a very limited budget, this is an injustice. A recall should have been placed on this model and money refunded or projectors replaced. The tech people on the phone claim "no one else has complained of these problems." I find that hard to believe. 

-Disgruntled in GA

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Re: Best Bang for buck projector

We are having the same issues with the 1410x projector. We purchased 11 of them a little over two years ago and 4 of them have failed with either many stuck while pixels or dead black pixels. Ours were out of warranty by two months when we started noticing the problems. If Dell doesn't make this right, I'm going to recommend we completely switch vendors when we upgrade all of our PCs next year. Btw, all of our 4-5 year old 2400MP projectors are still working great.

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