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Complaint letter - lamp burst out

Dear Sir/Madam,

we would like to ask you to help us solve the problem that appeared while using Dell device that we are equipped with. 


The device we mentioned above is Dell 7700FullHD, Service Tag: Removed that we use since 2016.


We use the projector about four times a week and it is turned on for no longer than up to 30 minutes during one use. It is one of our three projectors – two of them are not Dell products.


The room in which we use the projectors is ventilated regularly (every hour and a half) and during summer it is air-conditioned.  



On 11th July 2019 during our classes with children the image displayed by the projector suddenly became red, then we heard the bang sound and there was some smoke coming from the ventilation grate. In the end the projector stopped working.


Moreover, the projector was turned on for the first time on that day, the room was ventilated so the device was definitely used in an appropriate way.  We also have some experience in using this kind of electronic equipment and such an incident have never happened before to us.


We are the public institution that offer classes for children of different ages. This kind of situation in which a device can become a threat to the health and maybe even life of children that attend to our classes is absolutely unacceptable. We can only imagine what happens when one of the children hurts with a chip of a lamp or when some panic or fire breaks out.  


We are aware of the fact that the guarantee of our device has expired. However, absolutely we are not satisfied with the information we received from Dell Service Centre in Poland that we should change the lamp at our own expense without any guarantee that this kind of incident will not happen again.


What is more, as a public institution – we are a branch of The Public Library – we cannot afford to

change the lamp repeatedly in the the faulty projector.


At the same time, we would like to emphasize again that in our opinion the lamp damage is not the problem but the fact that it exploded together with all ist elements (the bang sound, smoke, chips of glass inside the projector) and above all, this whole situation was a real threat to children‘s and our instructor‘s health during classes.


We are waiting for your answer what further actions can be taken in this matter.   


We enclose the photo of the nameplate of our device and the photo presenting the scale of the damage.


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Hi @Midicentrum , thanks for getting in contact about this. 

Was the bulb inside the projector when this issue happened? Did the shattering lamp cause any damage to the plastics surrounding the projector?

I'm going to send you a private message for your contact details, please can you respond to it.


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