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Dell 1800 MP Projector

In 2007 Our School Purchased 11 1800 MP Projectors , Due to class room improvements these units were not put into service for another year thus voiding any warrenty , after 2 months the first unit failed , and in all we now have 9 defective units . Tech support denies any issues related to these projectors , we are speechless as any one with any common sense would see some type of pattern and even though the warrenty has expired would be willing to correct the issue . Dells stance is to bad , we can sell you the part but we won't help. All the units have less than 100 hours of use which is far less than what sales stated for relibility and service , Being a small school we surely don't have the option to spend another 8000.00 to replace these units , also we purchased 40 desk top units and 20 lap tops , seems as long as we give money and don't ask for a quality product in return every thing is ok. Not so we are considering enlisting the assistance of any Legal route possible as Dell has a responsibility to its customers . The example given to all the children in our school is its ok to ignore your responsibilities as long as you a business and do not have to answer to any one except your stock holders.

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