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Dell 2400MP Projector Image is corrupted on Cable Box

I know this is an old projector but it still works quite well for its age. But its issues also seem to be a bit obscure. I own two Dell 2400MP projectors and only one of them is having an issue display my cable box's image. The other one has no issues with projecting the image. I always auto adjust the screen to see if it will fix the issue, but it never does, though the issue comes in 3 occurrences. The Cable Box's entire image is in 16:9 but with a low resolution for the part of the image that actually shows the picture, but then the edges of the image are cut off on either side, and the right side of the image seems corrupted as it stretches the imaged into lines almost like a tunnel effect (Image 1). The second occurrence is where the image doesn't have any blurred lines, but the projector is actually in 4:3 mode and the cable box's menus are all in a vertical stretched 4:3 ration while the channel image is in a 16:9 ratio, with the edges of the image still cut off (although it's hard to notice) and it's at a low resolution still (Image 2 and Image 3). The third occurrence where the issue persists is when the projector is displaying in 16:9 as it should, and edges aren't being cut off, but it's still at a low resolution on both the box menu and the channel image. The menus are in the correct 16:9 format, but the channel image is displayed stretched horizontally at an almost 21:9 ratio (Image 4 and Image 5). I don't know what the issue is. The projector never used to do this before when plugged in via HDMI to VGA. I have the cable box hooked to the projector via HDMI plugged into an HDMI input switcher/splitter to an HDMI to VGA conversion cable and then into the projector alongside my other devices in the setup. All of my other devices are hooked up the same way as the cable box is but the projector has no problem displaying those device images at HD without cutting off or corrupting the image. I know it's not an issue with anything else in my setup because the cable box's image is displayed just fine on my other projector of the same Model. To make sure of this, I've tried resetting the projector to factory default settings, switching modes on the projector, switching out HDMI cables, switching the port it's plugged into, plugging it straight into the projector without the input switcher. Last time I checked, it didn't do this when plugged in via Composite, or RGB to VGA. Is there anything else that I'm missing or that I could try? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


(sorry for rotated images, must've been rotated when I transferred them to my computer.)

Image 1

Image 1Image 1

Image 2

Image 2Image 2

Image 3

Image 3Image 3

Image 4

Image 4Image 4

Image 5

Image 5Image 5

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